Travel light, sleep tight!

about us

Down with Bags creates lightweight sleeping bags called quilts, geared at making your back country experience as comfortable as possible. They are handmade in Ireland and shipped worldwide.


Photo by Simon Migaj

less is more 

Quilts differ from traditional sleeping bags in that they typically do not entirely surround your body, but instead can be tucked underneath your body, leaving your torso in direct contact with your sleeping pad. The concept behind quilt style sleeping bags is to eliminate what's not truly necessary.


In order for down insulation to work, it needs loft (air trapped in and around the down). When your body compresses the down, it's rendered ineffective. So why bother including insulation under the bag? Quilts also do without a zipper and a hood in order to reduce weight and versatility. 


Simply put, traveling light is much less arduous and therefore much more fun. If you want to cover a lot of mileage a day or carry your overnight camping gear up a difficult climb, there's no arguing that less is more.